2022-2023 has been a contiuation or refecting nature, the human figure and a spritual concept. Whatever is happening at that time is reflected in the subject matter. There are many small works that are not published due to multi-tasking.

The latest series of 2020 – 2021 explores the connection between the human figure, nature and a discreet spiritual concept. I am an Oil Painter exploring composition, color, line, space, the human figure and abstract ideas. Direct influences originate from movement and energy in the present environment. I intend to connect nature, wind, the ocean, the human figure and bird like forms representing the Holy Spirit. Line and color intersect the subject matter, thus suggesting a visceral bond between humans and the environment’s energy.

How I use my art reflects a level of consciousness. Energy and emotion are released in a process that manufactures an attitude. The attitude is based on everyday experiences at the beach or whatever presently affects me. Images of birds are connected to a higher spirit of identity. It is the spirit of human beings to be involved with nature and understand where we came from and what we must create for existence.

I intend for color to create mood and serve as a vehicle for the expression of personal emotion. The style or treatment may also deny the color representing objective reality. The technique emerges true conviction. Line is obvious. Areas are rhythmical. The rhythm accomplishes aesthetic appeal by a system of well-ordered color relationships. The space is bumpy to the picture plane. This in effect, is acquired by the shimmering aspects of light reflecting in water. Pictorial space, color and rhythm create movement. Human emotions change with everyday experiences. Constant emotion flows with motion. I intend to combine the two worlds of energy and emotion through this series.